3 Common Repairs Needed For Mobile Phones in Phoenix, AZ

3 Common Repairs Needed For Mobile Phones in Phoenix, AZ

Nowadays, our smartphones are indispensable. They connect us in ways that go far beyond how we communicate. Besides their convenience and ability to place a video telephone call or send text messages to anyone anywhere, they are the devices that link us to friends and family with instant communication and updates on social media.

Given their frequent use and exposure to damage by dropping or simple wear and tear, it is often more economical to extend the life of the smartphone with a competent smartphone repair service, rather than buy a new one.

Here are the three most common smartphone repair issues:

1. Cracked screen

The cracked screen doesn’t always affect the usability of the smartphone, but the distracting fissures across the viewing area spoil the esthetic experience of using the phone. Cracked screens can be repaired quickly and easily and are a cheaper alternative to buying a new phone.

2. Battery replacement

Each new smartphone comes with a longer lasting and more powerful battery. Nevertheless, over time, the battery strength will lessen, especially in a smartphone that is two years old or older. Also, new iOS or Android updates bring more features, placing increasing demands on the device’s battery. Warning signs are a battery that loses power quickly or fails to fully charge. If your device still works well, a quick visit to our repair service can revitalize your smartphone’s power source.

3. Damaged charging port

The charging port on a smartphone serves double duty as a headphone and charging connection. The port can loosen or deteriorate with constant use and result in disconnects or poor earphone performance. Again, a visit to Elite Tech Repair in Phoenix can solve the problem quickly.

Two other top-ranking repair issues for smartphones include:

1. Button replacement—Home and power buttons, because of constant use, tend to fail and require replacement more frequently than other smartphone parts.

2. Crashed operating systems–Caused by heavy internet use and extensive email and file downloads. A crashed system and the resulting damage to the phone’s motherboard could require a complete overhaul of the device.

Same-day turnaround for smartphone repairs

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