Has your device not been holding a charge? Is your gadget not turning on at all? Or do you see a bloating in your phone like it ate too many slices of pizza? Sometimes accidentally dropping a weight on your iPhone or iPod while at the gym happens. Unfortunately, what your phone looks like on the inside vs just the outside may be a whole other story. These are all signs and situations that your cellphone, tablet, or other battery powered mobile device is need of a battery replacement. If you see your power percentage fluctuating or not keeping your device on unless it is plugged in, a replacement battery may be the solution you are looking for.

Battery replacement is one of the most in demand tech repair other than cracked screen repair. An iPhone battery replacement, or even replacing a battery on a Samsung device is not always an easy task. Most mobile devices have very strong adhesive that needs to be removed a specific way in order to minimize the risk of puncturing a batteries lithium based cell. A lithium battery that is accidentally punctured can be very dangerous. These little bundles of joy can erupt in fire hazards and melt the internals of a phone, let alone whatever is close to it.

The amount of smoke exerted from a fully charged bloated battery can give a mini locomotive a run for its haul. It is imperative to always have safety precautions and measures in place in case of such situations. Removing a bloated battery is a procedure that needs extreme care and proper handling. Too much heat on a device could cause the cell of the battery to expand even further, and the same goes for a battery replacement or removal on flat, seemingly harmless batteries. Even batteries not swollen at all will exert immense heat and chemical reactions when introduced directly to air.
The amount of devices now a days that include lithium based batteries are 10:1. Almost 95 percent of all mobile devices contain a lithium ion battery. Battery replacement is a process that varies amongst different devices. Some devices has small single cell batteries, while others have multiple cells and are strung together connecting each cell and may be even soldered directly to the motherboard of your device. Many models of an iPad battery replacement is repaired in this manner. Most batteries in Samsungs, iPhones, Lg cellphones, as well as Motorolas, though, are all connected via Fpc connector. If a battery ever gets wet, it is always best get a battery replacement on the device immediately.

It is always best practice to use the same battery specs as the original unit to prolong performance in your device. If the wrong milliamps on a battery spec is installed for a cellphone battery replacement, eventually that battery can cause internal issues to the power regulation and ic chip components in your device. Any device for that matter. The last thing you want is to blow a component on your motherboard. This will almost guarantee a more complex repair process. Plugging cables in charging ports to devices with the wrong spec battery can also cause your battery cell to be more susceptible to bloating. Always make sure you are using the correct accessories to go along with your battery- external chargers, cables, and most importantly, the right parts for your battery replacement.

Leaving your devices in prolonged heat or hot environments is one of the biggest ways to stress out a mobile devices battery cell. Always use the original components and accessories that work in conjunction with anything related to the power in your Tech items. This will minimize the need for a battery replacement in your gadgets lifespan.

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